At Erin Mills Fence and Deck Solutions, we are pleased to provide our valued customers outstanding service and better quality every day. Our design team takes pride in designing fence and gate solutions that will fit your budget. We will take into account your preferences and create personalized design, with our engineered construction quality.

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Building Inspiring Spaces

Erin Mills Fencing and Backyard Solutions are proud of its sterling reputation for first-rate product lines and quality installation and service. As a family-run business, the Boyers are proud to serve our residential and commercial clients in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and right across Southern Ontario for over 90 years.

Widely known for our extensive work in the residential market, Erin Mills fence has also excelled in providing the commercial district with added security and safety with our commercial and industrial fences.

Our in-house team of fencing contractors has a solid commitment to providing quality materials, artistry, and service in residential, commercial and security fencing. We specialize in all fencing needs. Contact us at 647 686 5877 or email us at [email protected] for a free quote.

Our experienced sales staff can recommend the best product for your commercial fence or industrial fencing needs.

Industrial and Commercial Fences: Affordable and Quality Product Lines
At Erin Mills Fence we offer a full line of sports and commercial fence products to serve municipalities, school boards and the business community in our region.
List of our most popular fencing products:

  • Security fencing
  • Warehouse fencing
  • Baseball fence and backstops
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Security gates
  • Commercial gates
  • Cantilever gate in house fabrication
  • Inside enclosures designed to meet your specific needs
  • Custom estate driveway gates
  • Aluminum and glass railing systems
  • Chain link, wood and vinyl fencing
  • Gate automation and access control

As you can see, we offer a full range of residential and industrial fences. Many of our installations can be viewed here, online. Security fencing? Warehouse fencing? Baseball fence? Tennis court fence? No matter what your fencing needs are, our in-house team of professional fencing contractors can handle it. Our experienced sales and installation team will design and build a product meant to last.


Commercial Fences and Industrial Fences from the Experts
Commercial fencing is a strong, inexpensive and a maintenance free solution to many of your security needs. It will provide you with the protection you need for your business or industrial site. We can include high tensile barbed wire, barrier gates, automated entry systems and much more to secure and protect your property. A chat with our design team will make you aware of all the options available to you from one of the most experienced and trusted commercial fencing contractors in Southern Ontario. We’re regular suppliers of security fencing and warehouse fencing to municipalities, school boards, business and industry in the region.

Our perimeter security and access control line of products are popular with business firms and government bodies that need to secure open space. We can provide an aesthetic solution to your fencing needs while maximizing security protection along with usability and functionality. As one of the region’s leading fence and deck builders, we are committed to the design, installation, maintenance and warranty of each project.


Ontario’s Best Chain Link Fencing Company

For the money, chain link fencing is one of the best investments you can make. It offers zero maintenance, security, low cost and long life.

This woven fence of interlocking steel wires – bent in a zigzag fashion and joined to form a diamond pattern – is durable, and chain link fencing companies offer several varieties. Besides the usually galvanized steel, there are several vinyl-coated options that many homeowners find more visually appealing.

You can also choose from different thicknesses (Gauges) and styles. Keep in mind that a higher gauge (lighter) may be less expensive, but a lower gauge (heavier) will last longer, and ultimately give best value for the money.


Different Uses of Chain Link Fencing

Besides enclosing properties, keeping kids and pets safe, solutions offered by chain link fencing include:

  • Baseball backstops
  • Schoolyard fences
  • Tennis court enclosures
  • Gates
  • Dog runs
  • Locker enclosures
  • Utility cases
  • Portable panel enclosures
  • Airport security
  • Highway projects
  • Correctional facility containment
  • And much more!

Our professional chain link fence installers can help you find the right configuration for your particular needs, providing security with little to zero maintenance, at a fraction of a cost of other fencing solutions.



Before Installing Your Chain Link Fencing

Even before you go to your fencing professional and get a chain link fence quotation, you should do some preparation. It’s wise, for example, to know where your property line is. If there’s any question at all, go to a surveyor to map it out exactly. With a good land survey, our knowable team is able to map out and locate property lines on most fence projects. Before any work begins we always have our customer sign off on final placement of all fence lines and gate placement. Also it’s a very good idea to check for the location of private underground utility lines, this would include pool pumps, sprinkler lines, etc. Erin Mills Fencing will handle all public utility requests for your project.

Our team of professionals will help guide you through all municipal and regional fencing bylaws. Most cities and towns have fence regulations you should be made aware of.

Besides the official permission, it’s good practice, and nice courtesy, to get the blessing of your neighbours. While the saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbours,” they also lead to nasty disputes and even legal proceedings if you are not on the same page.

Also, if you go to your neighbours with reasons and intentions for building a chain-link fence, not only might they give you a thumbs up, they could also decide to share in on the costs of the fence project.


Installation of Chain Link Fences

For installation, chain link fence companies drive posts into the ground or set posts in concrete. Chain link mesh is then attached securely to all posts and top rail. “Terminal posts” must be securely anchored so that a stretched fence does not start leaning under the tension. Line posts are set between the terminal posts.

Your chain link fence installers then fix the mesh fencing at one end, stretch it with specialty tools, and form a connection at the next nearest terminal post. The fence is then tied to the line posts and top rail using aluminum wire. A tension wire is stretched along the bottom, between terminal posts, reducing movement in the lower part of the fencing. For additional security, a bottom rail can be installed along the fence’s base to prevent pet escape is where we see this used most often.

Knowing how to achieve the right tension and stabilization comes with the experience of a company like Erin Mills Fencing. Call us for a chain link fence quote today to ensure you get your fencing’s proper installation.


Complete Renovation Services

Wood continues to be a popular choice for residential and commercial fencing – providing a natural beauty that can last for decades, with the right maintenance and care. When it comes to wood fencing installation, pressure-treated lumber is particularly popular, with its superior protective qualities against the elements and most moulds, insects and rot. Erin Mills Fencing offers only a premium grade pressure-treated lumber on all of our projects. See “Our Lumber” below for more information.

Cedar fencing is another popular choice among property owners. Cedar offers a soft and more natural look and largely appeals to the overall look of your landscape. With natural properties to fight off insect damage and rot, a cedar fence is an exceptional option and smells great! Cedar fencing is roughly 1.5x-2x the cost of pressure treated fencing in most cases. Those who prefer a natural, environmentally friendly product or a heavier focus on their landscape design tend to go this route.


Our Lumber – “From Forest to Fence”

Erin Mills Fencing recently began the manufacturing of their own branded line of lumber and created Boyer Lumber Co. in 2016. With our new process and partners in place, we are able to deliver consistency and quality from start to finish – “From forest to fence”. We now work directly with mills across Canada, allowing us to provide you with the highest quality lumber available, at a competitive price.

Our fencing and decking come directly from mills in Western Canada. 100% Lodgepole Pine, kiln-dried and shipped by the covered carrier to our treatment plant.

Lodgepole Pine is a premium western species that carries many benefits:

  • Smaller and tighter knots
  • Glassy finish
  • Straighter grain
  • Greater CA (treatment) absorption meaning a deeper finish and longer-lasting

Kiln-dried lumber has several benefits, including:

  • No mould
  • Dimensionally more stable
  • Will not explode into cracks and splits when exposed to the sun.
  • Result in a better finish when planned

At Erin Mills Fencing, we have been Kitchener/Waterloo and the wider Southern Ontario area’s custom wood fence experts for nine decades. We offer the selection and helpful, no-pressure advice installation experience – all backed by a two-year warranty – that has made us a trusted partner to generations of homeowners and businesses.



Different Wood Fencing Styles

While there are a wide variety of fencing boarding styles, they tend to fall into three different main categories:

  1. Solid: This contained fencing provides nearly complete privacy, typically employed for swimming pools and property-line demarcation. Our most economical option available and a popular pick among homeowners. Keep in mind that one side of this fence will generally show structural rails, and the other with vertical boards. Each customer will have their own personal preference on this. Over time you will see small 1/8” gaps develop between the fence boards allowing for airflow into your yard.
  2. Board on Board (Good neighbour fence): This type of fence has alternating and overlapping boards on both sides. Board spacing is generally kept at 3-1/2,” but for additional privacy, this spacing can be tightened to 2” or even 1-1/2”. This style makes for a good neighbour’s fence if you decide to share the costs, as both sides of this style fence look identical.
  3. Imitation board & Batten: This style is great for keeping children or pets enclosed in the yard while clearly defining property lines and providing a distinctive look. Our most popular style to date- providing complete privacy, with overlapping boards kept to one side of the fence. This fence style provides additional privacy and an added depth to the fence line. Keep in mind that one side of this fence will generally show structural rails and vertical boards. Each customer will have their own personal preference on this.
    How Long Does Wood Fencing Installation Take?Of course, the length of time it takes for wood fencing installation varies according to how big the fence is, how many hands are involved, etc. But on average, customers should allot 3-5 days for the project: one for the setting of the posts, 2-3 to allow for the concrete to cure and a final day for the hanging of the fencing and gates.While a custom wood fence can be added to your property year-round, people usually think of this type of project during the warmer months, when they are most likely to enjoy its use in the outdoor spaces. Since summer is the busy season for professionals’ wood fencing installation, it’s always wise to book your project early.

Building Commercial Success

Upgrade your home or commercial property’s value and visual appeal with the strength, beauty, and timeless allure of an ornamental fence by the custom deck and fence specialists at Erin Mills Fence & Backyard Solutions Ltd. A proudly Canadian company, we’re family-owned and operated and continue to provide our customers with the best quality and service after over 90 years in the business. Contact our qualified professionals to request your free quote on our ornamental and wrought iron fencing services today.

Custom Installation Services

Spend less time working and more time living. With Erin Mills Fencing custom installation, you’ll enjoy your backyard oasis sooner. Even better, when you select any one of our durable, zero maintenance ornamental fence options, you’ll reap the rewards worry-free for many years to come.



Residential Metal Fencing and Wrought Iron Fencing

A true contemporary classic, available in a selection of sizes and silhouettes. Manufactured locally from a heavy-duty Galvalume™ steel, resistant to rust, an all-season ornamental wrought iron fence is built to last. Make this perennial favourite distinctly your own by selecting your desired height, style or one of our many decorative gate options. An ideal choice for the modern and maintenance-free property, wrought iron fencing may also be customized to include an attractive gate for your practical yet elegant garden or pool enclosure. We invite you to inquire about a variety of additional available services, such as custom deck design and installation, to further enhance the beauty of any exterior entertaining space.


Commercial & Industrial Metal Fencing and Wrought Iron Fencing

Protect your investment with secure commercial and industrial ornamental fencing. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of direct exposure to roadways and parking lots, while providing the strength and security you demand. Erin Mills Fencing provides local business owners with a comprehensive catalogue of hardworking commercial, industrial and sport metal fencing options that maximize value and minimize risk for your business.

A Tradesman For Any Size Job

As a family-run business for over 10 years, Erin Mills Fencing is your go-to source for fence and deck services, including pool fence installations. Erin Mills Fencing is based on GTA and offers its installation service in most southern Ontario areas, including Cambridge, Wellesley and Woolwich. Equipped with a vast selection of materials, an experienced fence installation team and competitive pricing, Erin Mills Fencing your #1 choice for secure pool fence installations.


Quality Fencing Options for Your Family’s Peace of Mind

Although owning a pool is a definite luxury, it is one that does not come without worry. Whether you have pets, children, or weak swimmers in your household, a secure fence is a requirement when you have a pool. Fencing options today are limitless, so choosing what you need for your pool area may seem daunting. However, you can rest easy when you hire Erin Mills Fencing to complete your pool fence installation. Our team will gladly walk you through the fencing options available to make your pool area as safe as possible. Like you, Erin Mills Fencing wants to see you enjoy your pool in a secure, safe environment. We will work with you to make it happen within your budget requirements, as well.


Providing Privacy for Your Backyard

Enjoy your own private backyard oasis with the installation of one of our pool security fences. Besides offering consumers a safe and secure yard, our fencing solutions are also great for creating privacy when you use your pool. The options are limitless when you choose Erin Mills Fencing to complete your pool fence installation. Extra privacy, security and safety are only three of the advantages of installing one of our pool safety fences. Erin Mills Fencing’s expert installation, friendly service and quality materials are something we stand behind.

Our Guarantee

Committed to Quality. Committed to You. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Not only are your fence and deck installations performed by a team of expert building contractors, but our products are also engineered and tested to meet the highest building code standards. We trust that our installations are superior, so all Erin mills fence and decking solutions customers are offered an exclusive, 2-year warranty on materials and artistry not available from other fencing companies.

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